Powder Handling

Stainless Steel Hygienic Butterfly Valves

PHP’s range of 316L Stainless steel hygienic butterfly valves are ideally suited for use with powder dispensing systems in the pharmaceutical, food and associated industries.

Simple to assemble and breakdown, for easy and thorough cleaning, the rotary valves provide sanitary powder handling in situations where hygiene is essential.

Comprising of four parts (vane, 2 part valve body and connection/discharge collars) the valve is designed for easy connection to a range of powder processing equipment.

The valve vane is available in three variations:

  1. A flexible silicone coated disc minimises product damage during interruption and isolation
    of capsule or tablet flow [available with BV butterfly valves and BVT butterfly valves]
  2. A stainless steel disc, designed for powder use, provides an air tight seal in the closed position
    for complete containment. [available with BVbutterfly valves and BVT butterfly valves]
  3. A stainless steel star vane provides improved product flow and reduces buildups. [available with BR butterfly valves and BRT butterfly valves]

The valve body can be either clamped around the vane, using the specially designed clamp, or bolted.
The connections/discharge collars can be clamped,
welded or even connected by Tri-clamp to
containers and process lines.

Key features

  • GMP compliant design
  • Flexible interchangeable system is adaptable
    to multiple powder handling equipment
  • Simple to install and dismantle for easy cleaning
  • 316L Stainless Steel contact parts provides
    superior corrosion resistance
  • Lack of small components to fall into product
    reduces risk of contamination
  • Long service life

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